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This page is for stuff I've made that you can use for free. If you are looking for free gifs for your site, try Web Nostalgia.

Dithering Pixel Art Brushes

Did you know you can do pixel art in Clip Studio Paint? I made a pixel art brush set that is free to download from Gumroad. It is also available on the Clip Studio Assets store.

As of April 2022 it has over 7k downloads. The useful feature is it shows previews of what dithering pattern you have selected, and includes a broad range of patterns used in PC-98 games.

Anki Flashcards: Proko Anatomy for Artists

An Anki flashcard deck I made to help me memorise anatomy for drawing. Uses free resources from Proko.

More Art Stuff

There's a list of art books in Books.

There is a collection of art-related weblinks at Art Resources