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I'm Rhiannon, a graphic design student in Brisbane, Australia. This is a personal website to gather artwork, recipes, various links and online resources. My online presence is fragmented so I also wanted a place to bring everything together and provide a static resource.

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This website now has a 88x31px banner!

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22 May 2022:New Vegan Recipes including a Refried Bean and Avocado Wrap, Vegan Feta, Vegan Spanakopita, and a Baking section with Chocolate and Nut Bars.

15 May 2022: I set up some internal links across the art-related pages.

14 May 2022: A 88x31px banner is now on the homepage. Until I set up the affiliate links page it will hang out here. I also updated Web Nostalgia with some links to the original gifs and also added an Anki Flashcard deck for figure drawing to Freebies.

08 May 2022: Added Art Resources, a page you can navigate to from Resources > Websites. I expanded the website list for art reference and resources, including perspective tutorials and more.

07 May 2022: Updated Resources > Vegan Recipes with two lentil recipes: one a carrot and lentil soup and the other is an orange greek salad. Let me know if you try any recipes I've posted! More to come.

01 May 2022: Added Favorites Lists > Fav Manga and Fav Anime and updated the Sitemap.

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